To grow and prosper, organisations have to invest in human resource development continuously. We, at IHRS INDIA, study and offer HR solutions in tune with the global environment but rooted in the native culture and business. We work as a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges and boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries. IHRS INDIA draws on internal, as well as, external resources to develop effective solutions.

Customers and clients are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the merely adequate. For them, extraordinary service is the rule, not the exception.

That makes extraordinary service necessary, not just desirable. And that, in turn, mandates a strategy to help ensure that your business matches that

Here are seven ideas and tips to help your business establish and maintain an ongoing climate of service excellence.

We provide staffing solutions that will help in hiring ideal candidates. IHRS INDIA provides staff across a range of skill-sets across many locations in the country for a variety of industry sectors. We manage the entire HR process right from recruitment and selection, payroll, compliance, training till providing you detailed management reports. and legal aspects and our experience of having pioneered this concept in India, we deliver value on a sustained basis. General staffing apart